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Literacy and Access to Administrative Justice in Canada
Ottawa: CCAT, 2005. Bilingual. 191 pages total

This book provides information about literacy, plain language, and the steps that administrative tribunals can take to develop and implement a literacy program. There is a section on case law that summarizes recent jurisprudence on literacy and access to justice. The book contains extensive lists of resources – in books, articles, and web sites. A CD of the book is included.

Download in PDF (422 KB)

Introduction to Administrative Justice and to Plain Language.
Ottawa: CCAT, 2007. Bilingual. 185 pages total.

This book describes the administrative justice system—the tribunals and how they are run, the decision-makers, the role of lawyers, responsibilities of applicants and respondents, witnesses, the hearing itself, the appeal process, and alternative dispute methods. It is a guide for tribunal staff and members and for others who need to know how the system functions. The book also introduces readers to plain language principles and techniques and contains a plain-language glossary of administrative law terms.

Download in PDF (422 KB)

Plain-Language Guide for People with Low Literacy Skills
Ottawa: CCAT

Most applicants to administrative tribunals know little or nothing about the administrative justice system. This downloadable guide explains the whole tribunal process clearly and simply—what administrative tribunals are, their purpose, the process, and what the applicant is supposed to do.

Download in PDF (225 KB)