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Banque d’emplois

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Civil Resolution Tribunal

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Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPPA) – The personal information on this form is collected for the purpose of administering a variety of statutes that authorize the appointment of individuals to public sector organizations under the authority of section 26(c) of the FOIPPA. Information on the authority for a specific appointment is available on request. All information provided to us will be considered as supplied in confidence. Under certain circumstances some information may be released subject to the provisions of the FOIPPA. The Crown Agencies and Board Resourcing Office is the office of record for this form. Questions about the collection or use of this information can be directed to the Crown Agencies and Board Resourcing Office’s Analyst by email at abc@gov.bc.ca or by mail PO Box 9416 Stn Prov Govt, Victoria, BC V8W 9V1

Structure and Mandate

The B.C. Civil Resolution Tribunal (the “tribunal”) is an independent, quasi-judicial body established under the Civil Resolution Tribunal Act (the “CRTA”). The tribunal provides self-help tools, online dispute resolution, and other collaborative dispute resolution services. As a last resort, disputes are resolved by adjudication, based on written submissions or, occasionally, following an oral hearing. Most of the tribunal’s services are delivered through remote communication methods like email, the internet, telephone, and video. The tribunal has jurisdiction over most strata (condominium) property disputes, small claims disputes $5,000.00 or under, motor vehicle injury disputes $50,000 or under, motor vehicle accident benefit disputes, and some disputes under the Societies Act and the Cooperative Associations Act.

The tribunal is currently made up of the chair, four vice chairs, and full-time and part-time tribunal members. The chair, vice chairs and members are appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council after a competitive, merit-based process. Tribunal operations are supported by tribunal staff.

Strategic Direction

The tribunal’s mandate is to provide “accessible, speedy, economical, informal and flexible” dispute resolution services, which are proportional to the issues in dispute. The tribunal is an expert tribunal, and tribunal members apply their expertise in resolving disputes through adjudication. The CRTA provides that the tribunal’s online dispute resolution services are available to the public generally. For more information, see www.civilresolutionbc.ca.

Vacant Position(s)


The tribunal has one or more vacancies for full-time members. The tribunal may establish an eligibility list for future appointments.

Responsibilities and Accountabilities 

The Member provides excellent decision-making services to tribunal participants, including the speedy and fair resolution of pre-hearing applications and disputes through online and remote justice service methods, with in-person services as a valued last resort.

The Member adjudicates disputes as a single-member panel, and rarely, as a member of a multi-person panel. Disputes are adjudicated based on a review of the evidence, the parties’ submissions, and the applicable law and policy.

The Member is responsible for the overall conduct and control of their assigned disputes, including identifying and clarifying issues, providing procedural directions, research, evidence gathering, and conducting written and oral hearings. For each dispute, the Member provides a clear, sound, concise, and timely written decision. The Member may be required to resolve disputes in all of the areas within the tribunal’s jurisdiction.

The Member interacts verbally and/or in writing with parties, their representatives, witnesses, experts, colleagues, and tribunal staff.

The Member manages a caseload assigned by the Chair.

The Member:

  • adjudicates a high volume of disputes, in a fair and impartial manner, and renders a timely decision within the time frame determined by the Chair;
  • adjudicates a high volume of requests, including those for dismissal, use of a representative, default, substitutional service, and cancellation of defaults, among others;
  • is responsible for the overall conduct of each assigned dispute;
  • reviews evidence and submissions, identifies substantive and procedural issues, and ensures that the appropriate hearing process (oral or written) is used;
  • conducts the hearing in accordance with the CRTA, the tribunal’s rules and policies, and principles of procedural fairness;
  • determines if further evidence or information is required to fully and fairly decide the dispute and the procedure for obtaining that information;
  • ensures that parties have an opportunity to address the issues and evidence;
  • evaluates the evidence and makes findings of fact;
  • identifies and applies the relevant law and policies to the issues in the claim or application;
  • produces clear, well-reasoned, concise decisions in plain language that are based on the merits and justice of the specific case;
  • ensures decisions respect the tribunal’s policies on privacy and public access;
  • always treats parties with respect, dignity, and patience;
  • has high ethical standards, personal integrity and a strong sense of fairness;
  • is service-oriented and focussed on addressing the needs of tribunal participants quickly, efficiently, and fairly;
  • appreciates the tribunal’s duty to the public, its focus on providing effective administrative justice services to participants, and the need to put the public interest first; and
  • works as a team member and works on individual case management with tribunal staff.


Diversity and Inclusion

People from all regions of our province are invited to help renew B.C.’s public sector tribunals. Consideration will be given to qualified individuals with a broad range of backgrounds in community, labour and business environments. The selection process will recognize lived experience and volunteer roles as well as paid employment and academic achievements.

To support strong tribunals that reflect the diversity of our province, women, Indigenous Peoples, Black and People of Colour, persons with disabilities, LGBTQ2S+ people, and others who may contribute to diversity in public sector tribunal appointments are encouraged to put their names forward for appointments.


There is a vacancy on the tribunal for a full time member. To be eligible to apply, all candidates must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Canadian citizen or permanent resident or equivalent;
  • Resides in British Columbia;
  • Willing to work primarily remotely, using a variety of communication methods including telephone, video-conference and internet;
  • Commitment to participate in and contribute to education seminars, workshops, and self-study and to contribute to an organization-wide team;
  • Willing to travel, rarely, to attend training sessions, meetings, or hearings;
  • Willing to follow tribunal rules and policies, including a Code of Conduct, and to meet performance and productivity standards; and
  • Willing to receive constructive feedback.

The following are the attributes and qualifications sought for the position:

  • Law degree from a recognized post-secondary institution, preferably in Canada;
  • Minimum of 4 years’ current and related expertise in one or more of the following areas that fall within the CRT’s jurisdiction: motor vehicle personal injury law, strata property law, societies and cooperative association law, or general civil litigation (small claims dispute areas);
  • Adjudicative experience and/or applied knowledge of administrative law, specifically the principles of procedural fairness;
  • An understanding of the tribunal’s mandate, structure, and processes;
  • Ability to do self-directed legal research;
  • Highly developed ability to read large volumes of complex information, including expert evidence, identify issues, analyze evidence, interpret and apply the applicable law and policy, and write well-reasoned and very concise decisions in plain language;
  • Highly developed ability to organize and manage a steady and high-volume caseload, producing timely and sound decisions;
  • Highly developed verbal and written communication skills to clearly, concisely and respectfully convey information in plain language;
  • Ability to preside over oral hearings, maintaining the impartiality, gravitas and decorum necessary to ensure procedural fairness and orderly conduct;
  • Demonstrated ability to work respectfully with individuals from diverse backgrounds, to listen and understand, and to effectively manage angry, frightened, or distraught behaviour;
  • Demonstrated collegial orientation including consulting, listening to and sharing information/opinions with colleagues, and maintaining positive working relationships with all tribunal staff and Members;
  • Demonstrated ability to use a computer for word processing, file and document review, case management, research, decision-drafting, and online communications, as the tribunal operates remotely and paperless;
  • Demonstrated ability to independently produce plain-language decisions free of grammatical and typographical errors with little to no staff support; and,
  • Integrity, credibility, and sound reputation in their chosen field and the respect of peers and clients.

Preferred Competencies

Preference may be given to candidates with the following qualifications and experience:

  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience in interpreting medical information

Time Commitment

The Member position is full-time and based in British Columbia. The Member is required to reside in British Columbia. The position works primarily from home.


Initial appointments are for terms of between 2 and 4 years. Members may be reappointed for additional terms of up to 5 years.


The salary range is currently $118,000 – $132,000. The salary range is set by Treasury Board Directive, which is regularly reviewed. The current Treasury Board Directive is Number 1/20, which can be accessed at:


The benefits package includes extended health and dental coverage and participation in a defined benefit pension plan. For further information about benefits, see section 5.2 of the Treasury Board Directive.

Personal Attributes



List of Current Members

A list of all tribunal members is available at:


Senior Executives (if applicable)

Process for Submitting Expressions of Intrest

Submitting Expressions of Interest

You may submit an Expression of Interest in serving on this board by clicking on the “Apply” button at the top of this page. For more information on the board, refer to the Directory of Organizations website. For information on the Crown Agencies and Board Resourcing Office (CABRO) refer to CABRO website.

British Columbia Guidelines

Appointments to British Columbia’s public sector organizations are governed by written general conduct guidelines.

Commission de l’énergie et des services publics du Nouveau-Brunswick

Membre à temps plein
Lieu : Saint John (Nouveau-Brunswick)

Établie en vertu de la Loi sur la Commission de l’énergie et des services publics, la Commission de l’énergie et des services publics du Nouveau-Brunswick (CESPNB ou la Commission) agit comme organisme de règlementation dans différents secteurs pour le Nouveau-Brunswick. La Commission est composée de cinq membres à temps plein nommés par le lieutenant-gouverneur en conseil.

La CESPNB assure la surveillance règlementaire de l’électricité, de la distribution et de la commercialisation du gaz naturel, de la sécurité des pipelines et des services d’autobus publics. Elle établit également les prix hebdomadaires des produits pétroliers. La surveillance que fait la Commission dans ces secteurs en garantit la justesse, la transparence, l’ouverture et l’indépendance.

La Commission a pour mandat de garantir que les fournisseurs de services facturent des tarifs justes et raisonnables et offrent un service fiable à la population du Nouveau-Brunswick. À titre de tribunal quasi judiciaire indépendant, la Commission tient des audiences pour trouver un équilibre entre les intérêts des entités règlementées et ceux du public.

La Commission de l’énergie et des services publics est à la recherche de deux membres à temps plein.

Les candidats idéaux possèderont une forte capacité d’analyse. Ils détiendront des compétences et une expérience pertinentes appuyées par un engagement à protéger les intérêts du public. Les candidats seront autonomes et auront un bon esprit de collaboration, en plus de détenir une expérience en comptabilité, en génie, en droit ou dans tout autre domaine pertinent. Une bonne connaissance de l’anglais et du français, à l’oral comme à l’écrit, sera considérée comme un atout.

Pour respecter l’engagement de la CESPNB à accroitre la diversité dans les postes d’influence, les candidatures qui représentent la diversité linguistique, culturelle et géographique de la province; incluant les personnes de tous les genres, de toutes les orientations sexuelles, et de toutes les origines ethniques sont encouragées.

Les nominations sont pour un mandat de dix ans, avec possibilité de renouvèlement.

Vous trouverez d’autres renseignements au sujet de la Commission de l’énergie et des services publics du Nouveau-Brunswick au https://nbeub.ca/.

Pour poser votre candidature, veuillez transmettre votre curriculum vitæ et votre lettre de présentation à Renée Young par courriel à ryoung@boyden.com.

Nous remercions tous les candidats qui manifesteront de l’intérêt pour ce poste, mais nous communiquerons seulement avec les candidats retenus.