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Tribunal Excellence Resource

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CCAT’s Tribunal Excellence Resource available here is based on the Council of Australasian Tribunals (COAT) Australia and New Zealand Tribunal Excellence Framework. It was modified by the CCAT’s Tribunal Excellence Committee for use tribunals in Canada. The Committee sought feedback on the modified survey at the CCAT Annual Symposium in 2017, incorporated that feedback and made it available for use in Canada in 2018.

The Tribunal Excellence Resource is intended for tribunal self-assessment. It is designed to measure your tribunal against a framework of eight internationally recognized areas of tribunal excellence: (1) independence, (2) tribunal leadership and management, (3) fair treatment, (4) accessibility, (5) professionalism and integrity, (6) accountability, (7) efficiency and (8) client needs and satisfaction.

The Committee encourages you to use the Tribunal Excellence Resource for your tribunal. The self-assessment framework provided by the Resource can help identify areas for ongoing improvement. You may also find the framework a useful reference for evaluating proposed policies and procedures, business planning and for member education.

The Tribunal Excellence Resource will be updated from time to time, to reflect continuing developments in the tribunal community: for example, tribunal practices for indigenous inclusion and French language services, and incorporating any additional feedback we receive. Please send any comments or suggestions you may have to the Tribunal Excellence Committee at info@ccat-ctac.org.